You might think that the best sort of competition is the one where the other player doesn't even know they're playing.

You'd think that...until you consistently realize you're losing.

My sister and I both love birds. It's the one thing that's bred true down four generations of my family. And here's the thing: as sure as night follows day, whenever I tell my sister about a neat sighting, she comes back with one that totally blows me out of the water.

ME: I saw a bald eagle on the drive up here, no more than fifty feet away, just perched on a branch by the side of I-95!
SISTER: Oh neat! Yeah, we see them sometimes along the river. Hey, notice these tracks in the snow?
ME: The big ones? All over your front yard?
SISTER: Yeah, wild turkeys! They like to come and hang out under the birdfeeder.

ME: Oh hey, check out this blurry picture--there's a pair of orioles living near the house! We think they have a nest over by the geese!
SISTER: Oh, awesome! Hey, speaking of nest, look up.
ME: Are those....robins? Baby robins? In a nest a foot away from your bedroom window?
SISTER: I know! They're so cute!

So now it's June, and thanks to a visitor last week I'm armed with this picture:

And I'm going to send it to her, and I know, I just KNOW when I do I'm going to get a photo back in fifteen minutes of her hand-raising a dodo chick, along with a "Hey, turns out they're not extinct after all! And they can talk! Who knew? LOL! :) " note.

Or maybe I overthink things.



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