Jul. 16th, 2013 03:37 am
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This will probably make no sense at all to folks who don't larp, and precious little to folks who do, but I just got jolted out of a sound sleep by a dream that managed to combine a 'end of game, final battle for all the marbles' larp moment with a heavy dose of 'ohmigod its final exams and I haven't studied at all'.

Anyhow. There were four groups of people, of us, with excessively elaborate Jack Kirby versions of medieval outfits except for the ones in wild west gear. And we were told to form up for the final battle. And even though I was wearing what in retrospect was like a green-yellow version of Boba Fett armor I decided to go with the gunslingers, which they treated as Very Significant (while in my brain I was like "Okay? I guess?") And it was dusk and autumn when we started walking, but just a minute later it was night and there was snow on the ground (I remember part of me being impressed by the larp's special effects), and they were all talking softly about how dangerous the fight was about to be, which was getting ME worked up.....when all of a sudden we turn a corner and my friend Veronica leapt out of the darkness and yelled, "Brian!! The Widow Lawson is DEAD!!!"

And there was just this moment of dead silence, while in my brain there was this surge of "Oh crap, for Plot to do this now, that must be a Hugely Significant Fact...and I have no idea who that is." And the adrenaline rush was enough to knock me completely awake.

And the worst part is, now I'll never know what the heck that whole plotline was about or why the Widow Lawson was so significant.
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