I think I've got the final menus worked out for the (not-one-but-two!-ACK!) chocolate gigs this week.

For the first time ever, Truffleupagus will have products for sale in both the North Shore and Davis Square. From the 18th-21st we're proud to be selling our confections at the Really, Really, Really Bad Pirate Show in Gloucester's West End Theater; on the 21st, our fine products will join the mocktails and puppets of Willoughby & Baltic as they celebrate ArtBeat!

At both ArtBeat and the Really, Really, Really Bad Pirate Show you will find:

3-layer Espresso Brownies

White Chocolate Citrus Squares

Double-Layer Orange/Chocolate Puffs

German Chocolate Truffles
Toffee-Butterscotch Truffles

Only for the Pirate Show:
Rum Mini-Cheesecakes
'Diamond-crusted' Cocoa 'Coins'
Chambourd Truffles
Espresso Truffles

Each of these products will, of course, be handmade, rich and dense, and remarkably efficacious.

The stats:
The Really, Really, Really Bad Pirate Show: Wednesday-Friday 7pm, Saturday 3 and 7pm, at the West End Theater, 1 Washington Street, Gloucester.

ArtBeat: Saturday 12-9, Willoughby & Baltic, 195G Elm Street, Somerville.
(Feel free to spread this around)

I have a small dog. This small dog has diabetes and Cushing's Disease. As a result of this, I have vet bills. HUGE vet bills. $2600 for the three days he just spent in critical care, added to the "normal" cost of his treatments.

Now, it goes against all my rural New England instincts to ask for money. And I'm not certified to sell my chocolates commercially.

However, I think I've found something that works:

The First (and Hopefully Last) Toby T. Chien "Insulin Costs WHAT Now?" Pledge Drive

Do you like small fuzzy animals? Do you like high-quality gourmet chocolates? By helping one, you can enjoy the other!

As a thank you for your donation to the Toby T. Chien "Sixteen Dollars for a Bandage??" Pledge Drive (we're still working on the name), a gift box of gourmet truffles of your choice will be delivered to your door! (Directly, if you're in the Greater Boston area; by mail, otherwise*). A donation of $15 gets you a 6-piece assortment; a $25 donation earns a 12-piece box; $35 garners a 20-piece box, and any donation larger than that...well, we'll negotiate something special! ALL money raised will go directly to Toby's medical bills.




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