Thank you everyone, for your kind thoughts and good wishes. :)

Deb goes in tomorrow at 10, and the surgery should start around noon. This morning at 8 we went in for the pre-surgery visit. They took an ECG, talked us through what to expect, and had us look over their info sheet for any mistakes. Oh, were there ever mistakes. We corrected the spots where they'd spelled our names wrong, wrote in our correct area code (they'd put in 000)...

...and then we got to the part where they'd written down PRIMARY LANGUAGE: NEPALI

Tell you what, I was almost tempted to leave it in, just to see what would happen.

Speaking of resisting temptation, they also asked Deb at one point if she had any religious or cultural traditions she needed them to follow in the operating room. She was good and told them no; I'm already designing the brand new cultural traditions of Northern New England Neo-Shinto Revivalism so that if I'm ever asked this question I'll be ready. (So far it involves taiko drumming, [ profile] godswraith and [ profile] whaleomelette portraying Ben Franklin and Captain Hook ((possibly as conjoined twins)), and the great ritual blessing by Mungor the White-Bellied Totem Duck. Cover that, Blue Cross.)



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