Dear My Own Brain,

No, the main character may not have a cute, mute, nonhuman, two-foot-tall sidekick. No no no no NO. Especially not after you spent 300 words describing just how alien and incomprehensible nonhuman minds are.* I don't CARE that he looks like 'a kangaroo carved out of a turnip'. He's there for one purpose, to lead the main character to the body, and that's IT. Do you remember when Miyazaki derailed the plot of 'Princess Mononoke' halfway through to write fanfic about the little forest spirits? No? That's because he didn't do it because it would be a HORRIBLE IDEA!

Just keep following the darn outline and no one gets hurt.

Grudging love,

*Okay, I admit it, the bit about the colony of creatures living in the hillside which look like adorable hobbits but have the behavior patterns of naked mole rats made me smile.
Fair warning, friends and neighbors: I'll be doing Nanowrimo again this year, so you're going to get a lot of little posts about my (lack of) progress.

But for today, I'm happy to announce that I've hit a milestone by coming up with the title:

The Hand of Fate Has Four Middle Fingers

Oh yes. This is going to be special.

(More seriously, if anyone else is doing it and wants to link up for mutual support and shared hot chocolate recipes, my username at the Nano site is the same as it is here).



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