1. An art gallery with sculptures meant to look like taxidermied heads of Dr Seuss characters, and Leonard Nimoy's photos of large women dancing;

2. A martini bar built into an abandoned railway tunnel, where to get to the restroom you have to climb a flight of stairs where each step is deceptively small, only two inches high. Considering how strong the drinks are, this must lead to nightly havoc;

3. Currently, me.

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I'm typing this from the car as we drive The Nephew to his landlord to pick up his keys! Soon the living room will be ours again!

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Street food festival!! If creme brûlée an a tequila cocktail for lunch is wrong I don't want to be right.

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"No, really, it's okay, I'll watch your Segways for you. I'm tight with Jesus!"

Never change, crazy North Beach drunk. Never change.

For the record, riding a Segway is like playing a very easy WiiFit balance game. In traffic. Fun, a LOT of fun, but words like "invulnerable" and "dignified" do not apply.

That said, riding up and down a pier chasing seagulls, while the sun set and the big Ghirardelli building lit up over my shoulder? If I win the lottery and disappear suddenly, look for me there, peeps. I'll be the one with a martini glass in one hand.

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At Logan: the dad and son across from me have been talking about rockets-Mercury, Atlas, Gemini-for the last half hour. The kid's speaking cadence is adorable--"but what about, what about, what about the Space Shuttle?"

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This is the view from inside Sidney Street's dry ice 'fountain', a very welcome pit stop on tonight's walk home.

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Last night's dream was that the Chewbacca costume from Star Wars was far too complex for one person. As a result Chewie's actor was actually two people, one little one sitting on the shoulders of the other.

This became relevant when my wife sat me down and told me her dad, she'd just learned, was not who she'd always thought it was but the little person who'd been the head and neck of Chewbacca. She found this out when she got invited to Comic Con to appear at the 'illegitimate children of sci-fi stars' panel and autograph signing.

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This just in: pigeons who've just left the nest are ADORKABLE, big eyes and long neck and "how the heck did I get here?!?" expression. I've never seen a bird and thought "GEEK!" before, but the little guy I met this morning changed that.

I hope he'll be okay. I have no direct experience, but I imagine that in the time of your birdlife when your total flights number between 1 and 10, phrases like "easy prey" and "sharp learning curve" pop up a lot.

(That's right, btw, this WAS posted while I walked to work. IPhone and multitasking for the win!)

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My nephew. I have this pic in my special 'future blackmail' album.

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