Jul. 2nd, 2013

Random Question #1: Do you like peas?

I do...however, I have to confess I like the growing and prepping of them more than I actually like eating them.

Peas are FUN. They're especially fun when you're a small child. The poles for them in the garden are taller than you are, and you get to watch the vines twine upwards and keep an eye on each pod as it grows. (Compare that to carrots, where you never really know WHAT'S going on, no matter how many times you dig them up to check.) And then once they're ready, the shucking process is very kid-friendly. Maybe the first cooking chore I ever remember doing is being given a tin pan and a paper bag and taught how to pop the pod open and run my thumb down the inside to get the peas out, and the satisfying "ping! pung! plang!" as each pea came loose and fell into the bowl.

But once they're cooked and on your plate, the kid-friendliness ends. The suckers ROLL, yo. Yet some families expect you to eat them with your fork. Otherwise sane families. Families who would never look at you and say, "Oh I see you're eating Cocoa Puffs. You should use a fork for those!" or, "Blueberries? Eww, don't use your fingers! Eat each one with our specially-designed blueberry spike." Families who believe in clean plates, families who want their suppers to last less than an hour: please reconsider making small children eat peas with a fork. (Or have a large dog under the table.)



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