Jan. 5th, 2011

1) For something to do over the holiday break, I took out Season One of 'Gilmour Girls' from the library. I watched an episode yesterday. I also read two stories from Stephen King's newest book.

Can you guess which one gave me nightmares? Go on, guess.

I don't know what it is. Well, I might--Deb has a thing about social anxiety, and while she'll watch part of an episode with me there are times where she'll flee the room like a terrier running from a thunderstorm, and it's rubbed off a bit. And the episode I watched yesterday was particularly bad that way, with a couple breaking up messily and another main character having a high school scandal blow up around her will probably get someone else (the one who was just broken up with) fired for misconduct...even I fled the room at that point. And last night my dreams took over where the show left off, only with highwaymen robbing people in parking lots with club-sized candy canes as a side bonus.

2) We've also been watching 'Hoarders'. Which is scary in a totally different way--I can't get through an episode without looking around the room desperately figuring out what I'm going to get rid of first, because it's suddenly obvious things need to go. NOW. EVERYTHING.

So, related to this I now have three shopping bags full of comic books that wound up in the 'donate' stack after I did my sorting and organizing. I'd really like to donate them--they're not BAD or I wouldn't have bought them, just not good enough to keep--but I'm not sure where to start. Comics geeks on my f'list, do any of you have any experience with this? Librarians and teachers, do you have any ideas?



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