Feb. 24th, 2011

1. Teacher lists on the board Socrates's reasons for staying in Athens. We go through them in order.

2. We hit Soc's explanation that the city laws are like parents and therefore we have to obey them unquestioningly no matter how wrong they might be, just like we do our parents.

3. Brief pause as the class takes to this concept like fish take to maple syrup.

4. Explanation from teacher that this is something philosophers like to point to as a Flawed Argument. Sometimes they use a technical term, "full of crap".

5. Sigh of relief from the class.

6. Vanessa raises her hand and begins talking.

7. I draw a horse in my notebook.

8. I tune back in. Vanessa's complaining about the government saying it's illegal to smoke in her own car.

9. I draw a beard and top hat on my horse.

10. And now Michelle Obama's telling Vanessa her children need to eat healthy food, and...

11. I write 'Neighbraham Lincoln' underneath the picture of my horse.

12. So, Vanessa concludes, what about when the laws are attacking parents?

13. Class ends.



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